Barry Nudelman

Barry Nudelman knew he wanted to pursue a career in music from an early age, watching his dad play drums on club dates throughout his early childhood.  He fell in love with the bassoon at school, and studied it seriously, leading to his entrance to Julliard and Post Graduate studies at both Dartmouth and Harvard.  Barry's musical experiences have evolved from his early and steady interest in classical, during which he played with the Springfield Symphony and the National Orchestral Society of Manhattan.  A transition into more popular venues took place during the late 70's, including a serious stint as a Broadway orchestra player for "Titanic" and regular appearances with the Radio City Orchestra, which helped Barry to broaden his playing and expand his connections with the New York City popular music scene. Barry plays all of the woodwinds professionally, having mastered the baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, clarinet, flute, while continuing to hone his skills playing the bassoon classically.  For example, Barry spent time playing at the Aspen Festival in Aspen, Colorado, and the Stoleto Festival, Perugia, Italy, where his melodious, resonant and gorgeous bassoon filled the sky, earth and mountain tops. A phenomenal talent with extraordinary musicality and precise skill, Barry has spent the past 30 years, sharing his talents with the next generation and mentoring many young musicians through his role as Band Director for the St Joseph by the Sea High School in Staten Island, NY,  which is perhaps the most loved gig of his entire career thus far.