Our Story

The concept of developing this classical woodwind trio, Into the Woods, emerged from the everlasting desire of the true artist to reinvent him/herself.  Graduates of two prestigious conservatories- the Manhattan School of Music and the Juilliard School, they will be playing up to twelve instruments during the performance, switching effortlessly from one instrument to another to create an endlessly inspiring innovation of style and sound.  Each musician has garnered praise in a variety of genres, played with established symphony orchestras, popular R & B top acts, as well as iconic artists in the world of jazz such as Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles, and continue to seek new avenues for giving the gift of music to the world.  Coming together to develop a repertoire of classical, jazz and contemporary music featuring the works of composers such as Debussy, Bach, Ibert, Kuhlau, Bizet, Grieg, Telemann, Schubert and Joplin, the results are astounding. Only musicians of this caliber can achieve this level of sonority while doubling on several instruments within the set that include clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe, alto, tenor, baritone and soprano saxophones, flute, recorders, and bassoon….and through archival dedication, prepare a program that will delight and excite you on every level. A full program featuring a historical walk through the ages, with music and commentary, is available on request, or just book us for a unforgettable cocktail hour. This incomparable woodwind trio is perfect for any special occasion, corporate function, museum event, etc. Truly exquisite!